Bleach, lizard poo and oda dangerous tins pipo dey use to get high

smoke Image copyright JOAQUIN SARMIENTO
Image example For Colombia, na marijuana pipo dey ginger make dem make am legal

Dry pawpaw, plantain or cassava leaf, di white part of lizard poo and even dry human poo, bleach inside soft drink, spirogyra, burnt tyres and 10 days urine na some of di tins wey pipo dey use to get high.

Tok-tok pesin for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for River State, Emmanuel Ogbumgbada say as dem dey do dia work, dem don discover dis yeye ways pipo dey take get high. Im describe am as non-conventional drugs because dem no dey di list of United Nations banned substances and controlled drugs.

Most of di attention for Nigeria dey on pipo wey dey abuse cough syrup wey get codeine and anoda medicine wey dem call Tramadol. But according to NDLEA, some of dis oda unusual tins also dey very dangerous to health.

Oga Ogbumgbada say health-wise, research still dey go on to find out how those tins fit destroy human being body but di major tin be say addiction dey and dat one dey give brain problem and na wahala to society as dem go live rough life and be danger to evribodi.

Image example Smoking of any kind, dey reduce pesin life, according to WHO

Im say dem don treat pipo wey dey abuse dis kain tins and say wen dem test some of dem, notin dey show for dia test kit.

"E get one of dem, wen we calm down come ask am, e come say na dry cassava leaf e take wey make an high. But afta counsel and treatment, im don improve."

Di NDLEA oga come advice youth to dey careful say even though adolescent age na time to try new tins, say make dem stay out of drugs as e dey destroy life.

For di past three years di emphasis for World Anti-drug day na 'Listen First' and na for parents to listen and watch dia pikin so dat anytime dem begin notice any behaviour wey dey one kain, dem fit trace wia di wahala dey come from.

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