Why I cari shoe shine box, yam and orange take empower youths - Borno commissioner

Dis na di shiner box dem wey Usman Jaha take give im pipo as empowerment Image copyright Facebook
Image example E say di pipo wey collect di shoe shine box na secondary school students wey dey stay for IDP camp afta school

One politician for northeast Nigeria wey use 100 bags of orange, 100 wheel barrows and shoe shiner box take empower youths for di state, say im get eye for 2019 elections.

Usman Jaha Babawo wey be Commissioner for Higher Education and Youth/Sports for Borno State, say im dey run for House of Representatives for 2019.

"Most of those pipo go vote next year, as politician you no know wia your vote go follow come", im tell BBC Pidgin.

Im also accuse im "political enemies", say dem wan turn im good to bad.

Image copyright Babawo
Image example Di yams wey di politician buy for im pipo

"All dis pipo wey dey bad mouth me na either dia eye never open or dem neva travel," im talk.

E say di shoe shine box na wetin di pipo say dem want, say na big bizness for oda parts of di world.

Im tori don full social media as pipo dey para, say why im go use bags of orange, wheel barrow and show shine box take do empowerment for young pipo.

But Babawo say na di youths cari dia leg come meet am make im find dem sometin, and say some of dem no go school.

"I no wan give dem cash, dem for no use am for di right tin.

"Wetin you suppose understand be say most of dem na students wey dey live for IDP camps. Some of dem no get mama or papa. Di only tin dem sabi do na to shine shoes na im make I empower dem wit dat one."

Image copyright Babawo
Image example Babawo don give pipo sewing machine before

Pipo for social media bin dey vex, say why state goment go use money, buy shoe shinning materials as empowerment for pipo, but oga Babawo say na im personal money im use do am.

"No be today I don dey do dis kain tin. No be today I begin empower pipo. I don be politician tey-tey and I dey do am as good Samaritan," im talk.

"Make I tell you, one of di cause of Boko Haram na unemployment, and I dey do dis tin to assist my pipo".

Image copyright Babawo
Image example Im say e don even give cars before

Borno State na one of di states for Nigeria wey get many young pipo wey no dey school and pipo dey wonda say why di politician no cari di money, put di youths for school.

Boko Haram fight-fight don scata di region and make many pipo homeless and many odas no get anytin to do.

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