Seven injured after bloody clashes between Ghana military den police

Ghana army Image copyright CRISTINA ALDEHUELA

Ghana Defence Ministry commission investigation into clashes wey happen between military den police for Northern Ghana which leave seven policemen injured.

Di soldiers for Northern Regional capital of Ghana, Tamale unleash dema fury on police officers den residents after reports say police arrest one of dema military colleagues.

How all this happen be say one military officer get problem plus taxi driver, so he seize di taxi den beat di driver.

Di driver later report di matter give police who arrest di military man.

But di military who no make happy over di arrest bore den charge on di police plus ordinary residents dem find for Tamale den environs.

Northern Region Minister Salifu Saeed describe di incident as shameful.

Di incident which generate debate about indiscipline for the military inside sake of dis be di second attack on police within a month alone.

Deputy Defence Minister Derek Oduro described di incident as "ugly" den "uncalled for."

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