Sierra Leone go face ECOWAS court for dia ban on girls wey carry belle

Female students in the classroom. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some of di pregnant girls carry belle because of rape.

Human Rights Joinbodi don carry Sierra Leone goment go Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court of Justice because of dia law wey dey take education punish girls sake of say dem carry belle.

Equality Now, Di Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA) and oda human rights organizations wey dey based for Sierra Leone want make di West African kontri comot law wey dey ban girls from school and to write examination if dem don carry belle.

Di case also dey make di goment take responsibility as dem no respect, respect, protect, and support girls right to education.

E don tey wey Equality Now and dia partners don dey follow di goment and oda pipo wey involve drag di mata to comot di 2015 ban.

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Image example Di goment create vocational school for pregnant girls to go learn hand work like tailoring, hairdressing and catering

Unfortunately, all dia work no get head, na im make dem carry di mata go ECOWAS Court of Justice wey dey for Abuja, Nigeria.

"Today mark di beginning to bring back rights for girls in Sierra Leone. Di ECOWAS court don finally see di wrong tins wey girls dey suffer for Sierra Leone, talk Judy Gitau- Nkuranga from Equality Now.

Girl rights for Sierra Leone

For 2015, Sierra Leone goment bring comot law wey go stop young girls wey get belle to dey go school, because dem say di girls go teach oda girls dem bad tin.

Three years afta, di law still dey exist even though many human right joinbodi don campaign and ask dem to cancel di ban.

Even though di goment come create vocational school for pregnant girls to dey go, na still form of discrimination for di girls and of top of dat one di school no dey compulsory to attend. So many of di girls go continue for dia life with no certificate from school.

Joinbodi like Equality Now tok say instead make goment ban girls wey dey pregnant to dey go school, dem suppose protect girls, carry di pipo wey abuse di girls go court and make schools to dey safe for girls.

Human Rights Commission for Sierra Leone too don chook mouth for di mata say di ban say dey discriminatory and violate girls education rights.

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