Cameroon prisoners weh deh di become entrepreneurs

Cameroon prisoner Image copyright Peter Tah/Christian Achaleke
Image example Dem deh also do farming inside di prison

Inmates for Bamenda, Kumba, Buea and Douala prison dem don di do business and with plans for keep moni for bank as deh di wait de day weh deh go free dem for go continue de business.

De prisoners dem di benefit from 'Creative Skills for Peace Project' weh na Christain Achaleke di coordinatam for NGO weh deh di kallam "Local Youth Corner".

Na so dis NGO give grants moni for prisoners dem for do business laik green house farming, traditional dress and beads making and computer training for Bamenda prison.

Florence Nkike, from Lebialem-Southwest region weh e don make seven years for Bamenda prison with e kombi dem get de grant for invest for dia green-house gardening.

"With dis moni (FCFA700,000) we go expand de farming for de next two months. Now, de first harvest di go for de needy for old pipo for Mbengwe, Buea and kumba prisons". Nkike tok.

Image example De prisoners dem dey learn different tins

Nkike add say "De farm work get benefit as deh di see de cucumber and tomato weh e fine pass de wan for market and dis go helep e when e komot prison, de only tin weh we e need na de seeds."

For Nkike de farming don give e hope and e know say for bi for prison, all hope nova lost.

Christian Achaleke say as young pesin weh e know street life e design de project for give some tin different for young pipo dem weh find demsef inside violence as sometimes deh bi victims or some tin push dem.

"De project na for give dem skills weh deh go really change dia lives, make dem beta. We di train dem for handwork, leadership, use sports for bring dem togeda, also give civic education how for bi love kontri, empower dem for head and also make dem get moni", Achaleke tok.

De grants weh e give de prisoners, weh e komot new word for kall dem 'prisonpreneurs' na for start dia own business so dat when de komot prison deh go be useful to demsef and dia families.

Image copyright Peter Tah/Christian Achaleke
Image example Commonwealth bin invite di NGO to show dia work for London

Achaleke tok how weh Commonwealth Secretariat be invite de NGO for go show prisoners dia hand work,. For London pipo buy sotei and deh di surprise say de tin weh deh di do for prison di inspire pipo globally.

"We di check for do online market for dia products and de moni from sell go de 'prisonpreneur' dia bank account and deh go useam afta prison" Achaleke explain.

For start dis project, de NGO bin go meet inmates and superintendent and dem tok about weti deh wan do and deh select leaders and bring successful business pipo form outside prison for train de 'prisonpreneur' dem.

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