Cameroon army and separatists di kill for Anglophone regions-US Ambassador

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Image example Many pipo don die for di Anglophone crisis and many don run comot dia house

US ambassador for Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin tell President Paul Biya say make e use e leadership for make de parties, army and separatists listen and shiddon tok.

De US Ambassador bin go give US President, Donald Trump e message for national day celebration, den use de chance for tok about Anglophone crisis for President Biya.

"April bi na bloodiest moon for Northwest and Southwest regions dem and de two sides no di listen for one anoda", US Ambassador tell President Biya.

For goment side, targeted killings dey, arrest and detention, pipo dem no get support from lawyers and deh di burn and steal for villages, Ambassador add.

Also e say separatists army too di kill paramilitary forces, kidnap goment officials, burn school. Den pipo for all side di use bad language for dehumanise de oda.

Ambassador say e glad for de release weh goment komot say deh go shine eye for de mata weh army torture wan prisoner and punish de pipo weh deh bi guilty.

De diplomat tok say 71 percent for pipo weh de join violence inside UNDP report say na for seka say goment kill dia relatives and kombi dem.

President Paul Biya bin tweet about im meeting wit de Ambassador.

Concerning de fight against Boko Haram, US bin dash army two aeroplanes and deh go train kontri pipo how for use dem and manage de equipment. E say e bi satisfied with fight against Boko Haram and de collaboration with Cameroon army.

But e stress say US law no allow dem for work with forces weh it be clear say de di do violation for human rights.

About de presidential elections weh e go dey for October, US Ambassador ask how President Biya want make deh mimba e and write for history books.

Ambassador mention some models laik George Washington and Nelson Mandela.

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