'Traffickers don cari 100 students from Benin school'

About 150 Libya Returnees wey just land for Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, on December 5, 2017 dey wait for officials to attend to dem.

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About 150 Libya returnees wey land for Murtala Mohammed International Airport for Lagos on December 5 2017 dey wait for officials to attend to dem.

Na like 100 students from for one secondary school for Benin, Edo state, wey dey southern Nigeria, na im human traffickers don cari go Libya for di last four months.

Di Senior Special Assistant to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Human trafficking and illegal migration, Solomon Okoduwa, say na di school teachers tell am, as dem dey worry say traffickers don put eye for di school.

Mr Okoduwa tok dis one for Benin on Sunday during one advocacy programme.

E say Edo state goment no go allow dis kain bad tin to continue to happen inside di state.

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'I do prostitute work, I no go lie'

According to am, goment go add join dia campaign against trafficking and di Task Force Against Human Trafficking inside di state go dey trace human traffickers.

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"Dem sell me three times for Libya"

Mr Okoduwa sama warning give di student dem for di school make dem dey careful about any trick wey traffickers wan use deceive dem to travel di dangerous journey to Libya.

"From now on, report any pesin wey tell you to travel go Europe. Dia plan na to cari you pass Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea and you fit last last end up for Libya."

E also tok say di number of student wey dis bad pipo don cari from your school don plenti well-well for just short period."

"Di truth be say many of dem fit dey prison for yonder or dem dey pass through oda palava."