Royal Wedding 2018: 'How I follow do am for Lagos'

Pipo for Lagos arrange party to follow Harry and Meghan do jolly-jolly

Wia dis foto come from, Princess Abumere

Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say di Duke and Duchess of Sussex fit travel come Africa for dia honeymoon

For many of us, Saturday na di day wey we dey go market, cook, sleep wella and football go dey on di agenda.

But last Saturday May 19 own bin different sha. As e be weekend of jollification as former actress for "Suits" Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bin Marry dem sef.

For my own house, my sister Teni Abumere bin do her own jollification wit tea party.

Wia dis foto come from, Princess Abumere

She say she decide to arrange her own viewing party because she still get sentimental attachment to England as I just finish her masters for dia and di place na fine kontri.

"E no get as you wan do, you go just like di Queen and di whole royal family", she tok.

For her, to dey watch royal wedding na like tradition.

"My mama tell me tori of Diana wedding and how she and her friends bin hustle to watch am for London. I watch Prince Williams own but I get school dat day so na on and off I take watch am for common room.

"I happy wella for Meghan and Prince Harry, e bin be like say Harry na everi girl dream. Even if dem no know me I happy say I don dey part of history," she tok.

Abumere entertain her guests wit red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes wey dem do di icing wit colours of di union jack, wit plenty oda chop-chop tea wey dem drink wit 29 year-old cup.

Yvette Dimiri na anoda pesin wey arrange royal wedding gbedu for her house for Lagos.

"I bin wan share di ogbonge occasion wit friends dem wey get different backgrounds and pipo wey see tins different from how me I dey see tins", Dimiri talk.

Her dining table bin full wit different kind of flowers, different types of biscuit, chop-chop and fruits, plus English buttercream cake and some plenty oda tins dem.

She talk say: "I really want make pipo feel like say dem bin go di royal wedding. We don already know how di official cake go taste for di wedding so I pay make pesin make di same kind of cake for me, but na di one wen my pocket fit carry sha. For di flowers I bin don read for somewhere wen pesin wey dey do flower for di royal family talk of how dem dey use plenty white and green flower, so I use dat idea arrange my own".

Dimiri bin welcome her visitors dem wit Rose champagne as dem sidon watch di wedding live ontop television.

Princess Abumere na journalist wey dey work with BBC for Lagos.