Nigeria wan put law wey go make am crime for electric company to give you estimated bill

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Dis fit reduce cost of electricity for Nigerians

One bill wey dey di Nigeria House of Representatives fit change your relationship with di electricity company wey dey give you light.

Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila of from Lagos wey dey cari di bill drop for table for di House, say im plan na to ban estimated billing and to increase di way dem dey share prepaid meter.

Di bill wey don pass second reading na to amend di Electric Power Reform act wey already dey ground.

E go enta public reading on 5 June 2018 and anybodi wey wan chook mouth inside, fit go talk.

Wetin be di main tin for dis bill?

  • E wan replace reading of meter, billing and collecting with installing prepaid tariff and di ban of di estimated billing.
  • E wan make estimated billing make e be criminal offence and any official wey cut light on top say dem neva even give pesin meter go face time for prison. Also any distribution company (DISCO) wey no put im prepaid meter after 30 days wey pesin don apply go fit get fine of one million naira and di pesin go fit face six months for prison. E also mean say thirty days afta pesin don apply for prepaid meter, make e no pay any estimated bill and e go dey against di law make dem cut light.
  • Say make DISCO dey share correct informate for writing on top di kain meter dem install, how di meter go dey read money and di oda services wey di customer go fit get. Dis way pesin go fit understand wia all di money e dey pay for light dey enta true-true. Dis informate suppose come afta dem don connect customer for di prepaid meter.