R Kelly dey face fresh court case unto claim im infect woman wit STD

R Kelly and Faith Rodgers
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R Kelly and Faith Rodgers

One new case wey don land for court for America dey claim say R&B singer R Kelly know wetin im dey do wen im infect one 19-year-old woman with STD wey no get cure.

According to claim wey lawyers for Faith Rodgers cari go court yesterday, she and R Kelly dey love diasef for almost one year wen im begin dey abuse am.

But pesin wey dey represent di singer tok for April say everitin wey dey di lawsuit no true.

For interview wey Faith sidon do wit BBC, she open up unto claim of R Kelly bad sexual behaviour.

For May 2017, Faith tok say R Kelly fly her go one of im shows for New York.

Na around 6am di singer call her for phone, next tin im show for her hotel room den give her order make she comot her cloth.

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She say im dey behave rough but wen im begin touch her, she turn stone.

"I tell am say l no dey ready for sex, say I no dey sleep wit pesin wey l just meet for di first time - no be di kain pesin wey l be.''

Faith claim di singer relax small and im tok say na wen pipo dey hungry for am, im dey perform ten over ten.

For her mind she believe say e don dey clear like clean water inside glass cup say she no wan sleep wit am.

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Di Time's Up movement don cari sexual abuse mata to global audience

But R Kelly begin rub Faith for her back.

She claim say e no tey wey R Kelly begin nack am and at di same time im dey use dirty tok abuse am.

Faith also claim say R Kelly dey call imsef "Daddy" and dey call her ''little doll" as dem dey roll for bed.

Month afta month for dis year and last year, former girlfriends of R Kelly don comot to accuse am of plenti bad sexual behaviour.

Time afta time di singer don deny say im do anytin wey no good to anybody.

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Bill Cosy na one of di big entertainers for US wey sexual abuse mata don land am for inside big wahala

Di #MuteRKelly wey start for July 2017 na social media campaign to make pipo no go di Grammy Award-winner shows or buy im music.

For April di management of R Kelly tok say di plenti claims wey dey follow di musician - and di wahala wey di Time's Up movement don cause am - "na greedy and wicked plan to shame R Kelly, im family and di women wey im dey tanda wit''.

Music internet companies wey include Spotify and Apple, don comot R Kelly songs from dia playlists.

For di BBC Three documentary interview, Faith wey be one of many 'victims' of R Kelly, claim say di singer force her to give am oral sex and she suffer plenty wicked sex experience.

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R Kelly don enta court jaw for 2008 on top child pornography but lass lass im win di case

She tok say one of dis experience happen for one show.

"Na for backstage we dey, dem dey call am make im come stage; im blank dia corner. Im comot im trouser, bend me for front of mirror, hold me for my neck and he just enta inside me.''

"E dey rough. E give me pain," she tok.

Faith claim say she discover she don catch herpes.

"Di news scatter me," she tok. "Shame no gree me see road; no be like sometin wey get cure.

"Di part for wia l confess everitin to my family, na im hard pass […] I blame myself for plenti tins."

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R Kelly don win three Grammy awards

During dia relationship, Faith tok say R Kelly give am contract make she sign for wia im promise to give am "protection" but she no gree sign di agreement.

She tok say di inner circle of R Kelly na "puppets" dem be wey dey follow am like zombie.

"Im na master and dem be slaves," she tok.

BBC Three contact R Kelly on top di tori wey comot for dis interview but dem no get any answer.