Wetin concern RCCG with penis wey no gree stand

  • Daniel Semeniworima
  • BBC Pidgin, Lagos
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Wia dis foto come from, MudiOdibo

From now on, any man and woman wey wan marry must do test to comfam say both di penis and private part dey work fine.

Dat na if dem wan marry for Redeemed Christian Church of God wey don give all dia members and pipo wey dey plan to marry for di Church new condition.

Redeemed na one big church for Nigeria and dis test wey dem want dia members to do dey new to many pipo for di kontri.

For di new order wey di church write give pastors, e explain say di decision na because plenty pipo don dey hide dia condition and e be like say e don dey scata plenti marriage.

Wia dis foto come from, Redeemed Christian Church of God

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis memo don begin cause talk-talk for social media

'E dey embarrass pipo and church no suppose put mouth'

Wia dis foto come from, Good Ereseh

Wetin we call dis foto,

'We don get issues wia pesin husband or wife no fit born pikin and e hide am for long'

Good Ereseh wey be relationship coach for Lagos, say even though im no be member of di Church, im believe say na beautiful step wey di church dey take.

"Di reason wey make I dey tok dis one na because Church follow dey help marriage grow and plenty pipo dey marry for Church. So e no just end to teach pipo wey wan marry wetin to expect and how to treat each oda for marriage, like pre-marital counselling, e dey also important say origins, background and tins wey get to do with health dey settle. Most of dis pipo wey wan mary no sabi anytin about demdes," im tok.

"E fit be like say e dey embarrass pipo and church no suppose put mouth for di mata, but na marriage and sex dey important for marriage, so I no think na wrong tin di church do." Na wetin Ereseh tok.

'Nothing concern church for dis mata'

Wia dis foto come from, Helen

"E no dey right for me, as na pastor dey tok dis one, nothing concern church for dis mata".

Dat na wetin Helen wey be media pesin for Port Harcourt tok.

She say God na all knowing God and nothin im no fit do? "Even doctors wen dem find out dis kain tins go tell you say na God, so for pastor to tok dis kain e no good," she add.

"Shey na for church na im pipo dey come testify dey tok how God make dia machine gun stand, I even get friend wey dump her husband say im machine gun no well, but today di guy marry anoda girl and e don born pikin."

But for pastor to come tok am like dis, e dey try limit im God? na wetin dey worry Helen.

Wia dis foto come from, MARCO LONGARI

Wetin we call dis foto,

Most marriage for Nigeria no get time to begin check for weda di man or woman tin dey work before dem go marry

'E beta to dey safe dan sorry'

Dr. Christiana Ayandele say for medicine evri test must first get di agreement of pipo wey wan do am, say no be by force.

"As doctor e beta to dey safe dan sorry so I go advice di test but make e no be by force," im tok.

Di doctor say na tins like semen count analysis for man and ultra sound for woman na im di genital test go dey like.

But Dr. Ayandele tok say di test no mean because pesin wey no normal today fit normal tomorrow and pesin wey normal today fit sick tomorrow.

BBC Pidgin tori pesin Daniel Semeniworima call di phone number wey dey on top di Redeemed Christian Church of God memo but di pesin wey answer di call say e no go chook mouth for di matta, afta we tori pesin tell am say na di "directive on pre-marital examination" e want to tok about.