Itai Dzamara: Di man wey face Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe come vanish

Itai Dzamara
Wetin we call dis foto,

Itai Dzamara

Itai Dzamara na one of di pipo wey tok im mind wella against Robert Mugabe before im disappear. Three years afta, im family still neva get ansa. Kim Chakanetsa dey report from Zimbabawe.

Sheffra Dzamara neva see her husband Itai Dzamara for more dan three years now. Her life change for morning of 9 March 2015 wen dem come kidnap her husband.

Since dat time, she no be hersef again, somtimes she get hope, somtimes kwanu, she dey fear as she no know weda him don die abi e still dey alive.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Itai Dzamara bin dey barber shop wen dem come kidnap am near im house for March 2015

'Di dreamer wey we no get'

Dzamara begin im one man protest waka for 2014 - protest waka na very dangerous goal dat time. Pipo wey dey against politicians dey pay big price.

But Dzamara dey go siddon for Africa Unity Square for Harare everiday wit sign wey im dey everly carry wit am. On top di sign dem write "Failed Mugabe must step down."

Soon oda pipo begin join am.

Dirk Frey, bin first read about am for internet, im say, im remember di cat and rat game wey dem bin dey play wit police dem during dia colourful protest.

"E bin be like say, we dey play chase wit authority. We go occupy park, den dem go come pursue us comot, we go run enta different places go hide den come back again.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dzamara say 20 policemen beat am till im become unconcious for early November 2014

"Afta somtime, we reach agreement, if we no do anytin, dem go sit for dia corner and we sef go dey for our own. But once we remove our placard or begin share flyers dem go come pursue us."

For all dis small small disobedience dem, dem pay for am. Dzamara bin land for hospital many times afta police beat beat am.

On 17 October 2014, e carry im protest enta anoda level. Im and two oda protesters take dia hand carry petition go deliver for President Mugabe office to tell am, make im step down.

Dem interrogate dem, come beat dem join for eight hours. Na dis one make pipo notice am well well. Afta im deliver im petition, one newspaper tori pesin bin ask, "Itai Dzamara na di dreamer wey we no get?

'Di boys'

Di memory of how dem take kidnap Dzamara still clear for di mind of di pesin wey last see am - im barber.

Three years afta di kidnap happun, im still dey struggle to tok about am. But im finally tok afta we promise am say we no go call im name.

Dat morning, im bin dey work wit anoda barber for dia shop wey no too far from Dzamara house.

Dzamara bin dey dia shop dey cut im bier-bier wen dem notice one white Nissan dey patrol di area.

Di Nissan no get any business for di area - but Dzamara sure say, im sabi who dem be.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Friend and family bin do plenti protest to know wetin happun to Itai Dzamara

"Ndeye yakomana," im tok for Shona language say, "e belong to di boys."

"Di boys" na Zimbabwe secret police.

Afta some minutes, two men witout uniform show for di barber shop to buy recharge card.

Wen di barber tell dem say dem no get, di men say dem dey pursue tief dem wey dey still cow.

Dem handcuff Dzamara, bundle am put for back of car.

Di white car just zoom waka. Na five men bin get hand for di kidnap of Dzamara. Nobodi see am again since den.

Wetin dem don find

For im office for Harare, Charles Kwaramba bin show me plenti document wey im don dey gada for some years now as Dzamara lawyer.

Inside di file, appeal and applications to court dey dia plus police report dem. Everitin pass hundreds of page.

As we dey check di file, Kwaramba dey tell me about di different days and months afta dem kidnap Dzamara and notin much don happun.

Na High Court order force police to take action. Dem put announcement for state media.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dzamara (for centre) ginger odas to join am for im peaceful protest

Few months afta im disappear, Dzamara younger broda Patson, bin receive text message wit private number, di message bin dey try explain wetin happun.

Inside, dem put di name of di five men wey follow kidnap am.

Di text say dem don kill Dzamara come bury am for grave number 71, for di Harare High Security Prison burial ground, Chikurubi.

But di bodi no dey dia again as dem don move am go one dam for north of di city, na so di text tok.

Kwaramba no believe say di message dey legit. Police no fit tok who send di text, so last last, di message raise plenti question witout ansa.

Dzamara family say police no chook eye well for di mata. BBC try tok wit Zimbabwe police but no way.


E neva clear who carry Dzamara and why dem cary am. Im broda believe say "di ruling Zanu-PF and military intelligence" get hand for di mata. Di fear be say, Dzamara fit gada pipo to revolt as e bin happun for "Arab Spring."

Zimbabwe goment say im no know anytin about im detention or wia im dey.

Mugabe waka don give di family new hope. Dem don send letter give di new president administration, but Emmerson Mnangagwa goment neva reply.

Di Minster of Foreign Affairs tell BBC say di days of kidnapping don pass as di new goment get respect for di life of everi Zimbabwe kontri pesin.

For Africa Unity Square - plenti activities dey happun as usual - Nyapfumbi dey also wait for ansa.

"E dey pain me. Wen I see im picture I dey cry" Dzamara friend tok as im dey try make im no cry.

"Make dem just give am decent burial. If dem don kill am, dem must give us im bodi back."