"Tok with President Biya suppose be secret", Relations Minister tell US Ambassador

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon

Five days afta weh US Ambassador, Peter Henry Barlerin tok with President Biya say army and separatist di kill for Anglophone regions, make president check for lef pawa, goment don di intimidate US Ambassador.

External Relations Minister, Eugene Mbella Mbella call US president for e office for tell e say goment di vex for seka say Peter Henry Barlerin komot weti e tok with President Biya for public.

"US Ambassador e tok bi violate diplomacy, rule, civility and law. E good for mimba say Ambassador na special messengers for Presidents dem and weti weh deh tok with president get for remain secret", Mbella Mbella tell US Ambassador.

Minister tell US Ambassador say de tok how defence forces say deh di burn houses di kill no get proof as deh forces even as some di die, bi very professional and strict, di respect international humanitarian law.

E remind US Ambassador say President Biya na lookout constitution and na e get key for stability bi for kontri.

Before Minister for external relations tok goment e mind, oda pipo too, tori pesin for goment Issa Tchiroma Bakary don di tok say make US no turn Cameroon to small pikin, oda ministers and kontri pipo bi join for kosh US Ambassador.

But Amb Stephanie S. Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State for Central Africa don say e no go work say Cameroon no fit intimidate US ambassador, say e good make kontri solve de problem.