We fit win medals for Nigeria if we get beta support - Judokas

  • Karina Igonikon
  • BBC News Pidgin, Port Harcourt

Di first Nyesom Wike National Open Judo Competition wey hold for Alfred Diete-Spiff sports complex Port Harcourt gada judokas from all over Nigeria wit bouts for senior, junior and cadet categories for males and females.

Di Championship wey dem do with di Nigeria Judo Federation na to bring out Judo athletes wey go represent Nigeria for both national and international championships for 2018/2019 like di Algiers 2018 African Youth Games, 2018 Youth Olympic Games for Buenos Aires, 2019 All Africa Games for Morocco and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Franca Audu na defending champion for 48 kg category for Nigeria and she don dominate dis category for 10 years. She don win two bronze medals before for di 2011 and 2015 All Africa Games Nigeria.

Wetin we call dis Video,

'As you see me so, I be Judo'

She say as e dey now, Judo for Nigeria na personal effort as na di love dem get for di sport na im dey make dem continue wit am because dem no dey get support from goment and e dey discourage many Judokas to resign before dem reach top level.

She say, "di tin wey fit improve Judo na regular competition because we fit train through out in a year, we no get competition and e dey bad as we no fit use di training do anytin.

'For Judo we be family as we dey cari pickin comot from road enta house'

Anoda challenge wey Judo dey face na lack of Judo hall for Nigeria wia pipo go get beta training to allow dem represent Nigeria well.

Dis na wetin Judo coach Catherine Ekuta tok.

Ekuta say tins like di Judo mat and instructors no dey to teach Judo for primary and secondary school as di sport combine school and sport and e dey good wit pickin as e dey teach dem discipline and self control so dem go behave well and dem go get self confidence.

Wetin we call dis Video,

'My pikin go reach wia I no fit for Judo'

Before she become coach, she don do Judo for over 15 years and she start wen she dey university.

She don participate for university games, world championship and Olympics.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Di man wey don watch 1,000 football matches live

Now her two pickin don become Judokas and e don open way for dem as one of dem get admission sake of Judo wey she dey do.

She say, "I believe say wia I no fit reach, Judo go cari dem reach dia because wen I go Olympics I no fit win medal so I feel say if to say I start am wen I dey small and my parents support me well, I for don go far so I put my pickin for Judo and e go cari dem go far."