#LazyNigerianYouths: How President Buhari make young pipo act film

Actors dey act feem

'Ci ma zaune' - wey mean enjoyment without work - na di title of one new film wey go soon drop from Kannywood.

Ogbonge director, Ibrahim Tantiri, say na di comment wey President Muhammadu Buhari make for London about Nigerian young pipo na im push dem to act di film.

For bizness meeting for London in April, Mr Buhari bin throw shade give youths say dem too like awoof.

E say "A lot of dem [youths] no gree go school, and dem dey claim say Nigeria na oil producing kontri, therefore dem go sidon no do anytin, and get housing, healthcare, education for free,"

Image example Di producers say dem wan make pipo wey watch di film judge by diasef weda true-true, Nigerian youths like awoof

Tantiri tok say no be say dem dey against wetin President Buhari tok or to say dem dey support di presido, but dia own na just to use di film examine di president statement about young pipo for Nigeria.

"Wetin dis movie dey aim to do na to examine weda true-true, Nigeria get pipo wey no like to work but just sidon and dey expect manna to fall from heaven."

"For di movie one of di young pipo don graduate while di odas no even go school but dem dey expect life of plenti jollyment instead of dem to start from small and na dis lead dem to life of crime."

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Dis 19 year old filmmaker wan shake Nollywood

One of stars of the film Muhammad Nasir a.k.a Horror, tok say contrary to wetin some pipo go tink, 'Ci ma Zaune' no be political film but na project wey wan use wan kain lens to look di society unto say joblessness and crime full evri where.

"We no wan make pipo see dis film as a political one even though na President Buhari's comment inspire di film, we just wan remain neutral, na pipo wey watch di movie go decide weda President Buhari dey right or wrong."

Kannywood na di second largest film industry for Nigeria after Nollywood and dem dey release plenti films every year.

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