Man wey rape im four daughters say 'na devil push am'

Woman wey cover her face. Image copyright Getty Images

One Chief Magistrate court for Port Harcourt, Rivers state for southern Nigeria, don put one 41 year old man for prison afta dem accuse am say im rape im four daughters wey be two, seven, eleven and seventeen years old.

Michael Akpan Isaiah, dey face three count charge of rape and dis na offence wey get punishment of life imprisonment for di state and Nigeria law.

Even though no lawyer represent di accused man, im agree wit di court say im commit di crime but say 'na devil push am' to do am as im bin dey under spiritual manipulation.

Di presiding Chief Magistrate, Zinnah O. Alikor say di tin wey di man do na, 'abomination, wickedness and devilish act.'

She say di court no get jurisdiction to hear di mata come order say make dem cari di original case file go back to Director of Public Prosecution for legal advise but she order say make di man dey for prison custody in di meantime before she come adjourn di mata till further notice.

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International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) representative, Fortune Ada Ndah, tell di court say di accused man dey by force dey sleep with im daughters for di past three years and dem get medical report wey prove am.

She say anytime di man wan molest dem, im go beat di girl well well. But na afta im son come catch am, na im dem come report to di state criminal investigation department.

She blame di mama of di girls as she no dey close to her daughters and no dey alert oda wise she for don sabi say somtin dey happen. But di mama tok say she sef na victim.

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"You fit slap your mama?"

Di mama say she bin don report to di husband family pipo wen she notice wetin di man dey do wit im daughters but dem no take any serious action against am and di man dey threaten, dey beat anybodi wey complain.

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Taekwando Wonderwoman

Ndah tok say FIDA go make sure say dem pursue di mata to di last to serve as lesson to pipo wey dey do dis kain crime and those wey dey plan to do am.

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