Uganda man carri im church go court on top plenti wedding conditions

Di church say make Mr Aboneka bring letter of consent from im wife to be parents and oda tins before dem go do marriage for dem

One man for Uganda don carri one of di kontri biggest church go court on top say dem give am strong marriage condition to meet before e go marry di woman wey im love.

Michael Aboneka wey file di case against Watoto Church for constitutional court, say di condition wey di church give am before e go fit marry im bride violate im rights.

E say di churh tell am to bring letter of consent from im wife to be parents, paper wey pastor sign to show say e dey fit for marriage, evidence of im HIV status - wey e must do for di hospital wey church list - and counselling report from di hospital.

Mr Aboneka say all dis demand dey too much for am:

''I no fit marry under dis conditions. My conscience no go allow me to do dat.

"I get duty to make di court know any practice wey no follow di law plus tins wey no dey normal and dat na why I dey carri dis mata go constitutional court."

For im affidavit, Mr Aboneka cite plenti sections of dia kontri law wey im say church no dey obey - and dis one include di right to privacy and di right for di woman to decide who to marry.

As e be now, Aboneka want make court give order wey go stop di church not to continue with di practice until dem judge di mata finish.

Dis case make plenti pipo for Uganda dey talk. Di church now get less than two weeks to reply to di case and afta di court go set date for di hearing.