Cholera outbreak for north east Nigeria don enta yawa as UN drop $2million

Pikin for camp for people wey run from Boko Haram for Maiduguri, Nigeria Image copyright STEFAN HEUNIS

Di United Nations don cari $2million give Nigeria to help di kontri battle cholera outbreak for di north east region.

Di disease wey dey do pipo strong tin and don spread reach states like Adamawa, Borno and Yobe don kill at least 50 pipo since late March.

According to di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) dem don confam say more than 3,000 cholera cases don nack di kontri but na for di north east region e plenti pass.

Edward Kallon, wey be oga for United Nations Humanitarian work for Nigeria, don tok say dis cholera outbreak get power to kill thousands of pipo.

Kallon still tok say na women and pikin dem wey dey live for internally displaced camps (IDP) sake of Boko Haram palava dey at risk pass on top dis cholera mata.

Image copyright AFP
Image example IDP camp for Nigeria-Cameroon border

Di moni di UN wan drop go help more than 1.6million pipo, for areas wey cholera outbreak don affect, get good water.

Meanwhile UN say as rain don begin fall, risk dey for disease wey dey live inside water to spread more.

Cholera outbreak for Nigeria get connection wit food wey don spoil, bad water and area wia no clean.

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Image example Bad water dey cause cholera outbreak

Key facts

  • Cholera na serious poo-poo disease wey fit kill sharp-sharp if dem no treat am.
  • People wey sabi say every year 1.3 to 4.0 million case of cholera and 21,000 to 143,000 deaths nai dem dey report for di world because of cholera.
  • Most of di people wey dey infected go get small sign, and dem fit treat am with oral rehydration solution.
  • Strong case of cholera go need quick treatment with fluids and antibiotics wey dem go use drip give.
  • To provide safe water and clean environment dey important to control how cholera and other disease wey dey follow water waka dey use spread.

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