Children's Day Celebration: 'We must ensure say Nigeria pikin safe' - Buhari

Na for May 27, 1964 Nigeria first celebrate Children's Day Image copyright NTA
Image example Na for May 27, 1964 Nigeria first celebrate Children's Day

May 27 na special day for pikin dem for Nigeria.

Na day di goment don set to celebrate pikin and dia life.

Dis year Children's Day Celebration get special topic; 'Creating safe space for pikin dem: Concern we all', according to President Muhammadu Buhari.

'We must ensure say Nigeria pikin dem dey safe'

Image copyright PHILIP OJISUA
Image example Unicef wey be ofice on top pikin mata inside United Nations say dem ready to join hand wit Nigeria to pikin dem safe inside di kontri.

For di hailing e give di kontri pikin dem as dem dey celebrate Children's Day, Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say violence against children "na wetin im no accept".

'Everibodi plus organisations for di kontri must join hand to protect di children,' Buhari add.

Children's Day ma special holiday for Nigeria

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Image example Evri pikin dey special

Evritin wey happen on May 27 for Nigeria na for pikin.

Special match for school pikin dem go happen for some towns and states inside di kontri.

Children park, buka joint go open for jolli and party just for pikin dem.

Even some church go give pikin special role to play for service if e fall on Sunday.

If e fall for week day, schools no go open to allow pikin dem feel special.

Na day to tok about pikin, so tey even wifes of governor inside di kontri go waka go hospital to dash gift give pikin dem wey land dis day.

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