This is Nigeria: Why Falz copy America rapper Childish Gambino

Falz inside di video

Wia dis foto come from, Youtube-Falz

Wetin we call dis foto,

You go need to pay serious attention to di video in order not to miss all di message inside

Less than one month after America rapper Childish Gambino stop traffic wit im hit video 'This is America', ogbonge Nigeria rapper Falz too don carry di same leg wit im latest release 'This is Nigeria'.

Di song na di Nigerian version of Childish Gambino song.

Di song drop just some days to Democracy day celebration for Nigeria and from wetin Falz write ontop im instagram page, na im Democracy day gift to im kontri and kontri pipo.

Gambino song bin address life for America and current issues like police violence, racism and gun crime.

Wetin we call dis Video,

"My music get sense" - Falz The BahdGuy

According to Falz im borrow sense from wetin Gambino do to tell Nigeria tori.

"We do wetin Childish Gambino bin do for This is America, we try to do di same, tell di tori for Nigerian way."

"We try to tell serious message in a way wey pipo go fit relate wit, wey dey relevant and wey dey real."

Some of di issues Falz touch inside di song

Di music start wit Falz, as im carry radio dey listen to commentary wey dey tok about poor infrastructure and corruption.

Na so pipo start to dey fight, one man kill pesin, and im just dance cross di dead bodi as anoder pesin dey take di picture.

You go need to pay close attention to try catch everytin Falz dey tok.


Una remember di JAMB sales clerk for Nigeria, Philomina Chieshe wey tell JAMB registrar and im team say "mysterious snake" na im steal N36 million wey dem make from scratch cards?

Falz use her sing inside di music.

Im also tok about corrupt politicians wey dey loot di kontri money.


Falz dance wit some girls wey wear hijab for di video, e fit be say im dey try pass message about di girls dem wey boko haram don kidnap for northeast; Chibok and Dapchi school girls.

Di girls dey dance shaku-shaku fit mean say di kontri no care even as some of dis girls never come back house.

For one scene inside di video, one man wey wear Fulani cloth use cutlass cut pesin head comot.

Nigeria dey presently battle wit crisis for some part of di kontri where pipo wey dem suspect to be Fulani herdsmen dey kill pipo.

For di part of di security agency, im tok how di Special Anti-Robbery Squad dey arrest pipo anyhow without reason and no dey committed to dia work.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Falz na ogbonge Nigerian rapper wey dey use im music talk about tins wey dey happen for di society

Lazy Nigerian Youth?

One scene show as some pipo come down from University of Lagos shuttle wit drink for dia hand and dem dey waka like say dem no get plan.

Im also mention how yahoo-yahoo don become di in-tin for di kontri.

But im also tok about how Nigerians dey struggle dey work different jobs.

How Nigerians reason di song?

Dem reason am well-well, infact di song begin trend for twitter not long afta e drop.

But no be everybodi di song sweet for belle.