Ghana Armed Forces dismiss 17 recruits sake of dem no get 'kapa'

Ghana army Image copyright Spencer Platt

Di Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) sack 17 recruits after dem fail demma Basic Fitness Test (BFT).

Col Eric Aggrey Quarshie, di Director of Public Relations for GAF, talk BBC Pidgin say dem give di recruits a number of opportunities make dem prove say dem get di physical strength for di job.

Because military work dey involve a lot of physical exercise, e be important say di recruits for get kapa take do di job, sake of dat dem dey take new recruits through physical den medical exams.

But di seventeen wey dem dismiss although be medically fit, den no be physically fit, so dem dismiss dem from camp Saturday 26 May 2018.

Meanwhile, di recruits wey pass di fitness test go pass out in a week's time.

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