Makoko, di Lagos 'Venice' wey neva see light for one year
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Makoko, di Lagos 'Venice' wey neva see light for one year

Makoko like many of di community wey dey for waterfront part of Lagos State, Nigeria na serious palava for di goment.

One of di tins wey dey give goment headache about di place na di plenty environment wahala wey full ground plus di fight-fight wey dey happen anytime wey di goment try comot di pipo from dia.

"Wen goment bin try collect dis place from us, we carry protest go Alausa (Lagos State government house) before evritin settle," na wetin Dare tell BBC News Pidgin.

Di first tin wey pesin go notice wen e enta boat for Makoko na di colour of di water, den di smell.

E dey common to see small pikin dem dey play inside di water and plenti boat sotay boat dey jam boat anyhow dey cause traffic like say pesin dey for road.

Market women dey dia boat dey sell food, some cari firewood, - dem get dia own schools, market and mosque plus church, even barbing saloon; and if you wan go anywia, you go use boat waka.

Di truth be say, di pipo for Makoko dey live live di way dem sabi.

Damilola feel say many pipo dey tok say dia area na local place but "life dey hia."

"We wan make goment continue to dey support us, make our life beta," na wetin im tok join.

Video journalists: Abdulmalik Fahd Abdulmalik and Joshua Akinyemi