Mamoudou Gassama: Who be di Mali 'Spiderman' Paris hero?

Mamoudou Gassama Image copyright AFP
Image example Mamoudou Gassama life change afta im climb storey building to rescue pikin wey hang for balcony for Paris

Life change for 22 years old Mamoudou Gassama overnight afta im save one four-year-old pikin wey hang for di fourth-floor balcony of one building for Paris, France.

All of a sudden, di African immigrant from Mali get french citizenship and job wit di fire service too.

France president Emmanuel Macron invite am to di Elysee Palace where e thank am one-on-one for wetin im do.

But before all dis one life for Gassama bin hard die.

Gassama comot from im town Yaguine for south-western Mali wen im just be teenager in search of beta life for 2013.

Im pass di road wey plenti migrants dey follow too, from Burkina Faso, Niger and Libya cross di Mediterranean to reach Italy for 2014.

Before im fit reach Italy, Gassama say im suffer well and na only di second time afta police don first stop dem for sea im manage fit reach Italy.

Im tell France president Emmanuel Macron say e work one year for Libya where migrants dey go through hell for during im journey.

"I no get wetin to sustain me and nobody to help me"

"I suffer well-well. Dem catch us, beat us but I no lose hope."

Na so Gassama tok.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Paris police give Mamoudou Gassama certificate of courage

Im tell President Macron say im choose to travel go France because e no know anybodi for Italy and because im brother don dey live for Italy for plenti years.

Before Gassama life change, im bin dey work from hand to mouth for building sites and dey live for hostel for di western suburb of Montreuil wey dem dey call "little Bamako" because many Malinas dey live there.

For di hostel, na im relatives im bin dey stay wit and na for ground im dey sleep, e bin dey live illegally for France.

Image copyright THIBAULT CAMUS
Image example French President Emmanuel Macron and Mamoudou Gassama di 'spiderman'

Meanwhile, di family of di small boy wey im save don thank am well-well dem say im be hero.

Di pikin papa wey leave am for house to go buy sometin go answer question why, di pikn imsef dey government hand for now.

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