Udeme Odibi wey dem suspect kill her husband, cut im private part go show for Lagos court

Police say di husband and wife don dey married for like three years Image copyright CC
Image example Police say di husband and wife don dey married for like three years

Lagos state goment don tok say dem go drag Udeme Odibi go court, she na di lawyer dem suspect say use knife kill her husband.

Na Adeniji Kazeem, wey be state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice tell tori pipo for Monday.

Mr Kazeem tok say dem go cari di suspect go High Court for Lagos state to answer charge say she kill her husband, come cut im deadi bodi anyhow wey include im private part.

Tori be say na fight fight between Udeme Odibi and her husband, wey be lawyer like im wife, cause di kasala wey happen.

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"Di court case of Mrs. Udeme Otike Odibi go begin shaperly wen di honourable Chief Judge choose court wey go siddon on top am. Dis office go make sure say di case na quick quick sometin'' na wetin Kazeem tok.

Kazeem, wey also na oga for di Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team for Lagos (DSVRT), advice pipo make dem no dey fight, unto say if dem catch anybodi wey dey do dis kain tin, dem go drag am go court.

Im say state government no happy wit di way different kain attack between husband and wife dey increase for Lagos.

Na just last month authorities bin accuse one Denmark man say im kill im Nigerian wife and pikin for Lagos.

Kazeem say pipo fit report any case of of attack wen dem call 6820 or 08137960048, while for emergency cases make dem use 112 report di mata.

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