Lack of borehole for Kano State dey make many pikin die inside well

Image example Di well wey Zulaiha die inside for Hotoro area of Kano

19 April 2018 na day wey di family of Bashir Hotoro no go ever forget.

Dat day, dia 8 year old daughter Zulaiha Bashir go fetch water to baf for di well wey dey near dia house only to fall die inside.

According to di Kano State Fire Service, di primary two student na di number 34 pesin wey dem get report say die either through well or inside river (but mostly through wells) from di beginning of dis year.

And as e be say di year neva even reach halfway, na sometin wey dey trouble many pipo.

Image example Mallama Haddaniya Bashir pikin die inside well

Zulaiha mother, Mallama Haddaniya Bashir wey speak to BBC Pidgin tok say wetin happen dat day na sometin wey go live with her for the rest of her life.

"I dey with her under dis tree inside our house na im she complain say she dey feel heat, na im I advise her make she go fetch water baf. Na im she carry bucket go, na as she dey draw di first round of water na im di carrier draw her inside di well and before pipo rescue her she don die. Dat na one of di saddest days of my life."

"Even though as muslims we believe say na her time to die reach but if to say we get pipe borne water inside house abi somewia close dis tin for no happen, before goment tank dey bring us water but dem don stop am now."

Madam Bashir also yan say make goment do sometin about di way wey pipo dey construct wells with no safety in mind and in most cases no even use cover to close di well afta fetching water.

Image example Most pipo for Kano State dey get dia water from wells like dis one

Alhaji Aminu Kura na anoda fada wey lose im three year old pikin Farook to di same incident as di Hotoro family five years ago. Im tell BBC Pidgin say goment in collaboration with leaders for each community suppose dey monitor how pipo dey build wells so dat e go dey in line with all di necessary safety guidelines.

"Every community get 'Mai Unguwa' (leader) and na im know each pesin house, anytime wey somebody wan build well, dem suppose check to make sure dem build am wella."

Image example Pipo wey sabi say everi well suppose get cover like dis

Kano State governor Dr Abdullahi Ganduje tok-tok pesin Aminu Yassar say wetin dey happen get notin to do with say di state dey suffer from lack of water.

E say wells don dey exist for many years and e get some wey dem build well and don do many years and nobodi don ever die inside.

"Anybodi wey know history of Kano and most states for northern Nigeria no say well na part of our way of life and water situation no be factor. As I dey tok to u now, I just build one for my house e no even reach one week."

"Di issue wey dey dia be say, na dat of precaution and safety just as fire service pipo tell you and na dem dey in di best position as professionals to tok about wetin dey happen."

Image example Saidu Ibrahim wey be fireman say no be only pikin dem dey fall inside well

Public relations officer fire service Saidu Ibrahim tok say di solution na to gain knowledge of safety procedures and to take precautions to avoid dis kain deaths.

Im add say contrary to wetin some pipo dey tink, no be only small children dey fall inside. Im say many adults dey inside di casualty figures wey show say lack of knowledge about safety na im be di problem.

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