C-section: Wetin dey make pipo fear to use CS born?

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C-section: Wetin dey make pipo fear to use CS born?

For Nigeria, many pipo dey carry one kain eye look women wey born pikin through C-section so tey dem go say things like she dey lazy, weak and she no be complete woman.

Many times pipo wey dey stigmatize 'C-section mama' dem dey do am because of belief from religion and culture. But for some odas, na illiteracy - dem no sabi wetin dem suppose sabi.

Evelyn Etti, share with BBC Pidgin her own personal tori of stigmatization on top C-section delivery, her battle with depression wey follow, and how she take overcome.

Why Caesarean section?

Caesarean section, wey some pipo dey call C-section or just CS, na when dem use surgery to born pikin.

Dem dey normally do caesarean section when vaginal delivery go put di life of pikin or di mama at risk. Sometimes, plan don dey ground for di operation, oda times, na because of emergency during labour.

Yet for many places for Africa, including Nigeria, many pipo (both men and women) dey carry one kain eye look women wey use CS born and dis na one of di main reasons why women no want C-section.

One Nigeria-based doctor Nwakanma Onyedikachi Chioma, na one pesin wey carry dis C-section mata for head. As medical doctor, she dey use her experience to give correct information about why sometimes C-section na di only safe way to born, and to condemn pipo wey dey stigmatize new mothers.Dr Chioma say she understand why pipo dey carry one kain eye look mothers wey use C-section, after all di di reason for "pregnancy and labour" na to see pikin and mama alive and well at di end".