StopTheSoot: How trye fire throw Port Harcourt inside darkness

Fire wey dey burn for inside one compound
Image example Di fire dey burn dey enter oda places

Parts of Port-Harcourt southern Nigeria fit no see light for long time afta fire wey start Saturday night don scata power injection substation wey dey supply light to di town.

Na local pipo put di fire for moto tyre sake same dem wan comot copper wire wey dey inside di tyre, according to wetin BBC Pidgin find out.

Di fire come blow enta oda building including di power injection substation wey dey di area.

Image example Private fire service pipo come help goment fire service to quench di fire.

Fire service pipo from Shell and Nigeria Ports Authority including di ones wey from Rivers state goment try to quench di fire.

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Di fire fit cause power blackout for major places for Port-Harcourt.

Soot mata, wey be black particles wey dey fly for air follow for palava wey dey worri pipo for Por-Harcourt.

Civil society groups bin don protest ontop dis mata for April, but dis time, na pipo dey cause air population for dem self.

Image example Fire don spoil plenti equipment for di power substation wey fit cause blackout

John Onyi of Port-Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) tok say; "We don shut down power supply sake say di fire dey try burn down our office and facilities".

Im tok say dem neva sure how many things di fire don spoil for dem office until dem do damage audit.

No pesin die so far so but light no come dey di whole area since di fire start.

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