'Our day-our day' for Ghanaians as Anas dey premier Number 12 video

Wednesday 6 June check like 'our day' for Ghana after Anas Aremeyaw Anas start dey release short excerpts of en investigative piece number 12 which dey expose football corruption for Ghana.

Menerz wait teee but finally for dis video premier it's about to go down, wey bois den girl make wild for social media sake of finally everyone go see di people wey dey destroy Ghana football.

On Wednesday morning, bois start dey put up posts for social media dey show say dem make ready for di video premier waa.

But now Anas Aremeyaw Anas spoil di matter kraaa after he start dey drop teaser of di real video which dey show how football administrators for Ghana dey negotiate deals, while others dey hide money for dema pocket.

Anas already arrive for di International Conference Centre where he dey premier di video staring 3.00pm today.

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