Number 12: GFA want Anas expose make dem deal plus corrupt football officials

Anas/Africa Eye feem: Number 12

Wia dis foto come from, Number 12

Wetin we call dis foto,

Anas/Africa Eye feem: Number 12

Di Ghana Football Association (GFA) say give Ghanaians dema assurance say dem no go shield any corrupt official who dem go catch for di ongoing Anas video premier.

Although di GFA no commission Tiger Eye PI make dem undertake di investigations, dem take di findings serious, according to di statement.

Sake of that dem want make di investigative team furnish dem plus di video asap so say dem fit take action.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Screen grab/Number 12

Di statement add say, "di GFA wiant assure everyone say as an institution dem no go condone any corrupt practices."

But di GFA also make claims say eight months ago, dem get wind of external influences wey want destroy di sanctity of football for Ghana, so dem write to FIFA for assistance make dem resolve di match fixing problem.

The GFA say dem go "undertake holistic review den continue plus wanna reforms which go enhance dema operations den dealing plus di alleged acts of corruption for di game inside.

Dem dey ask say anyone wey get information about di allegations for get in touch plus dem through: