'I dey cari my albinism wit swag' - Austin Erameh

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Austin Erameh na NGO worker wey base for Abuja, Nigeria capital, im never hama for pocket like dat but na clean guy wey get plenti swagger and confidence wey dey make women like am die.

Dis no suppose be special tin but Erameh na pesin wey get di condition dem dey call albinism, and e dey normal make oda pipo for society avoid albinos.

But Erameh dey among dis special pipo wey dey change di way Africans dey see albinos and im own weapon na education.

Erameh tell BBC News Pidgin say, ''Na for primary school e first enta my head say l dey different from odas wey dey around me unto say, e dey hard me to see blackboard for my class well well.''

''And e no help my case say my teachers dem no understand wetin I dey go thru.'' im tok.

Tori be say at least one in 20,000 pipo wey dem born for world na albino.

Pipo wey dey live wit dis condition dey get eye problem and more chance to catch skin cancer.

But anoda big palava dem dey get na lack of education, unto say e dey hard dem to see, e normal make dem struggle for class or even comot because dem no fit cope.

Wen albino pipo comot for school, e dey reduce di chance dem fit get to find good work and progress for life.

Erameh say di wahala wit im eye give am tough time to follow di rest of classmates step by step as dem dey learn.

''Even though I be sharp guy for book, I still struggle to sabi all di calculations for mathematics and science.''

But dis no stop Erameh to finish school and even get admission to become doctor for university.

Erameh say di trick na di extra support im get from im mama and papa. ''Unto say my mama na teacher I dey get extra help to catch up wit my books.''

''So if papa and mama dem get albino pikin and dem fit give dem support wit new ogbonge reading materials wey dey market, your pikin fit live good life and even sabi book pass odas wey dey in class.''

Image copyright Austin Erameh

Albinos get special treat for Lagos

Lagos state goment Office for Disability Affairs dey push to give albino, level of disable pipo wey go give dem one kain protection and benefit.

But Erameh tok say im no think say e good to call pipo wey get di albino disable pipo because dem able for im own eye.

''Even though dis condition dey cause plenti wahala for albino pipo, I no think say e go help us if we call am disability.''

''Wetin go beta pass na if we recognise pipo we get albino as special pipo wey need special care.''

''If we support support dem with education and bring law wey go help dem, dem go fit contribute back to di kontri and progress for life.''

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