World Blood Donor Day: 'Why I dey give my blood to strangers and why you too suppose do am'

  • Gift Andrew
  • Reporter, BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
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"Wen my broda get accident, im bin need blood but im no fit get blood dat day. Na dis one ginger me to dey donate blood. I dey donate blood to strangers and no be big deal."

Dis na wetin Olaitan Oduloye wey be regular blood donor tok. Olaitan tell BBC Pidgin say im no dey collect money if im donate blood but say na im own contribution na to di society.

14 June everi year na World Blood Donor Day. Dis na day wey United Nations set aside to create awareness for why pipo suppose to dey donate blood.

As dem dey celebrate di day for Nigeria, World Health Organisation (WHO) say make Nigerian goment give necessary support to blood donation for di kontri.

Wia dis foto come from, Olaitan Oduloye

Wetin we call dis foto,

Olaitan say im dey donate blood as im contribution to humanity

Dr. Rebecca Moeti wey be WHO Regional Director for Africa say Nigeria no dey fit meet dem kontri blood needs, say plenti pipo dey die sake of say dem no fit get blood wen dem need am.

Local reports for Nigeria say blood bank no dey function as e suppose be sake of poor funding.

WHO say many pipo dey die wen dem no suppose to, because of lack of pipo wey go cari dia good mind donate blood, and also blood banks wey no too dey.

Dem say if one percent of kontri population donate one percent blood, di kontri go meet dia basic requirement for blood. Nigeria neva fit meet dis requirement, and e fit be because 60 percent of all blood donations na from pipo wey want make dem pay dem for dia donation.

For Olaitan, im get clear reason why im dey donate blood and no be money. Im say: "I dey donate blood to save life."

"Plenti pipo wan donate blood but dem no get enough blood for dem body, odas dey feel say if dem donate blood, hospital dey sell am give pipo, so e dey discourage," im tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo no dey get blood wen dem need am for Nigeria

Who fit donate blood?

Pipo wey no dey sick

Dey at least 17 years reach 65

Weigh at least 50kg (110 pounds)

Neva donate blood for di last 90 days

You no go fit give blood if:

  • You don ever use drugs wey you inject by yourself
  • You don ever get hepatitis B or hepatitis C
  • Dey for high-risk group wey fit catch AIDS
  • You dey take medicine to treat diabetes
  • If you no well (cold, flu, sore throat or diarrhoea)
  • You don take antibiotics within di last five days
  • You do work for your teeth for di last three days
  • You get anemic (Iron Def. Anaemia)
  • You cari belle
  • You don get any ear/body piercings, or tattoo, wey one year neva pass
  • You get condition like asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes.