Beyoncé, Jay-Z 'Everything Is Love' new album don land

Beyonce and Jay-Z perform togeda for stage during dia 'On the Run II' Tour for Hampden Park on June 9, 2018 for Glasgow, Scotland.
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Di songs for di new album talk about mata like cheating and allegation say Jay-Z get pikin outside

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z don collabo to drop new album wey dem title "Everything Is Love".

Di album wey get nine songs na di first album wey dem join hand do as husband and wife under di name 'the Carters'.

For 2002 wen dem never marry Jay-Z and Beyoncé do dia first collabo song Bonnie and Clyde.

Di American celeb couple announce di album for stage during dia On the Run II concert for London Stadium in di UK on Saturday, where di big screens begin flash "album out now".

Na Beyoncé first post di news ontop her Instagram and Twitter wey make her fans begin ginger.

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Di last album wey Beyoncé release na "Lemonade," where she use style talk about how her husband bin dey cheat.

But last year Jay-Z release im own album "4:44," where im defend imsef against im wife accuse. Di album later get eight Grammy nominations.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z marry on 4 April 2008