UN Human Rights Council: Why America waka comot

US ambassador Nikki Haley

Wia dis foto come from, AFP/Getty images

Wetin we call dis foto,

US ambassador Nikki Haley

America don wash dia hands and leg comot from di United Nations Human Rights Council, afta dem tok say na politics full dia.

US ambassador for UN Nikki Haley tok say di 47 member committee way no pure.

Di "partial and selfish'' join bodi dey "take human rights mata play", according to Nikki Haley wey be US ambassador for di UN .

Dis na di second UN agency America don bone afta dem comot from Unesco for October 2017 afta dem claim say anti-Israel palava full di U.N educational, science and cultural organisation.

Di UN Human Rights Council wey base for Geneva since dem begin operate for 2006 don chop plenti flogging sake of say dem dey allow kontris wey dia human rights record no pure become members.

But activists don tok say di way US don wash dia hand comot for di council like Pontius Pilate go make am hard to check which kontris for world no dey try on top human rights abuse and follow chook mouth inside di mata wen e for happun.

Ms Haley togeda wit US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, na dem collabo for press conference, announce America plan to waka comot for di council wey dem say na "poor defender for human rights".

António Guterres, wey be UN Secretary-General, for statement wey im tok tok pesin carri come, say im for like if di US remain for di council.

Di UN human rights commissioner, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, tok say di way US comot dey "disappointing, and na surprising tori".

Meanwhile Israel don praise dis US waka.

Dis move dey come as plenti pipo all over di world don blast US goment unto dia strategy of separating child migrants from dia mama and papa dem for di US-Mexico border.