'How vigilante kill my only pikin'

Woman wey vigilante pipo kill im boy pikin for Kaduna state
Image example E don reach six months wey she dey demand for justice for di death of im pikin

Halima Abdulhamidu still dey in tears six months afta vigilante pipo for Hayin Banki for Kaduna State, north west Nigeria kill im son.

Im onli crime according to Hajiya Halima na because e close late from work.

"My husband bin don die before I born my pikin and afta all di suffer, vigilante pipo beat am break im neck, back bone and march-march im bele," she tok.

16 years old Abdulbari Rabiu bin dey repair moto and na from dia e dey get small-small chop moni.

But one night as im dey come back from late work, di Hayin Banki vigilante pipo block am for road, and start to beat am on top accuse say e belong to bad gang wey di cause kata-kata for di area.

"I sell di only plot of land wey we get to carry am go hospital and afta nine days, im die." Halima explain.

She say she no get rest of mind as those wey kill her pikin neva face justice.

"Dem brag give me say na dem kill my pikin and I no fit do dem anything.

"I no get anyone to fight for me except God and dat is why I want police to chook eye for di mata so dat my pikin go rest well for where dem bury am".

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Who vigilante epp?

Most communities for Nigeria get vigilante pipo wey di join hand with police to provide security.

But Halima say di vigilante pipo for Kaduna State dey use di work dey exploit dem di carry di power for dia head dey do bad tins.

Di commandant for Kaduna State Vigilance Service, Muhammad Ali say true-true, before di vigilante pipo dey step on top pipo rights.

E say some of di boys go dey collect moni from pipo and dey do oda tins wey no good.

"No vigilante pesin get right to kill anoda pesin.

"We must find those wey get hand inside and make sure say dem face di law," im tok.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori