Nafdac say fruits and veggies wey dem use chemical ripe boku for market

Make sure say you wash your fruit well-well
Image example Most mango wey dem ripe wit chemical no dey sweet

Pipo wey dey torchlight food and medicine mata for Nigeria, wey be di National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) say go soon enta fruit markets and supermarkets to check how pipo dey use bad chemical to make fruit ripe.

Di madam patapata for di agency, Prof Moji Christianah Adeyeye say dis move dey necessary because di calcium carbide wey dem dey use make fruits ripe, dey cause cancer, heart and kidney failure.

Di agency bin don warn Nigerians make dem dey careful as fruits wey dem ripe wit calcium carbide boku for market.

"We dey try to do baseline study to sample market for Nigeria and do lab test for di fruits.

"Afta dat, we go dey do periodic market testing", she explain.

Image example Fruit market for Nigeria capital, Abuja

Calcium carbide na chemical and dem dey use am to produce calcium cyanamide wey dem dey use do fertilizer and take weld iron.

Di chemical if e touch water, e go come produce acetylene gas wey di help di fruit to ripe sharp-sharp.

Nutritionists says dis kain method to ripe fruit get plenti effect for bodi as e fit cause ulcer, stomach problem, diarrhoea, stroke and arthritis

Even if woman wey get belle chop am, e fit cause miscarriages and oda wahala for di pikin.

Image example Nafdac go soon launch baseline study on top dis wahala

How to know fruit wey dem use chemical ripe

  • E no dey get di same colour
  • E no dey taste sweet
  • E no dey get beta juice inside
  • E no dey ripe well for inside
  • Dem no dey smell well
Image example Farmer wey harvest in banana from farm for Abuja

Nafdac say while di agency dey try chook eye for di mata, say make pipo make sure say dem buy fruits and vegetables from trusted source.

Di agency also advise to wash fruits and vegetables well-well.

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