South Korea court don ban killing of dog for meat

About one million dog na im dem dey chop every year for South Korea Image copyright Getty Images
Image example About one million dog na im dem dey chop every year for South Korea

Court don give ogbonge judgement to ban pipo not to dey kill dog as meat for South Korea

Animal rights activists tok say dis ogbonge ruling go open way to make di chop-chop of dog meat illegal.

But dog farmers for South Korea don begin dey para say dem go fight goment till di end as court ban pipo not to chop dog meat.

E don tey wey dog meat be part of di food wey South Korean pipo dey chop, about one million dog na im dem dey chop every year.

But di way wey pipo dey chop dog meat don reduce as e be say plenti South Korea pipo don dey buy di idea say dogs na human being best friend.

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Image example Dog meat na traditional dish for Korea e start long-long time ago from di Samkuk period (period of di three kingdoms BC 57 - AD 668)

Last year, animal rights group care submit complain against one dog farm operator inside Bucheon, say e dey "killi-killi animals witout proper reasons" and e dey disobey building and hygiene law.

Prosecutors later charge di dog farm operator and Bucheon City court say e dey guilty. Dem judge say make e pay $2,700 fine.

Care lawyer Kim Kyung-eun tell tori pipo AFP say e welcome di judgement wey court give.

"E dey very important because na di first court decision wey say killing dogs for dog meat dey illegal itself."

"Dis judgment don open to di way to ban di chopping of dog meat patapata ",

E add say dem dey even dey plan to file complaints against "plenti more" dog farmers.

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Image example Dog farmers say dem no go gree as goment ban dog meat

One lawmaker from di ruling Democratic Party don introduce one bill give di National Assembly to ban di chop-chop of dog meat.

Di court decision don make dog farmers dey vex sotey dem dey protests.

One representative from association of dog farms, Cho Hwan-ro say make goment make chopping of dog meat legal if not dem go fight till di end.

Cho say make dem separate "Dogs for eating and dogs as pets " because dem dey train dem for different reason, dem dey chop different food and dem be different breeds.

"Pipo dey raise Cows, pigs, chickens and ducks to chop am and why not dogs?"

Di dog farmers dey use where dem dey stay as slaughter house for dog as e be say goment no give slaughter di license to kill dogs.

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