Philippine president Duterte say God dey "stupid"

President Rodrigo Duterte Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di president say God create fine tin finish come dey find wetin go destroy di fine work.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, dey wahala unto say im call God Stupid.

Duterte tok dis one for one conference for im home town Davao city and im tok make im Kontri pipo dey vex for am

Di presido bin dey question tori about Adam and Eve wey dey inside Bible. Im dey ask why God go create Adam and Eve only to allow dem fall into temptation.

Im say na God cause di original sin wey Adam and eve commit.

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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte sing for Trump

Di 73 years old Duterte ask, "Who be dis stupid God? Which kain religion be dat ? I no fit accept am."

Dis mouth wey di president dey run provoke plenti pipo for im kontri wey get 90% Christians and most of dem na Catholics.

Records show say di kontri be di largest Catholic kontri for Asia.

Plenti pipo for di kontri plus Bishops and senators condemn di president tok.

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Image example Im kontri pipo dey vex sake of say President dey insult dem God.

Bishop Arturo Bastes say "di president na madman, im no dey normal and pipo for no vote am as president".

Senator Antonio Trillanes say di president na evil man. "Im dey deceitful, heartless and ruthless".

Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches say di president statement offend dem well well.

Pipo sabi president Duterte as person wey too dey run mouth since im enta office for 2016.

Even for social media pipo dey para.

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