FIFA invite Ghana delegate to Zurich over football management wahala

FIFA logo for domot of the headquarters

Wia dis foto come from, Philipp Schmidli/Getty

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di delegates go meet for FIFA headquarters for Zurich.

FIFA throw Ghana invite make dem come meeting for Zurich, make dem discuss interim measures which go allow di continuation of football for di kontri.

Two members of Ghana elite league clubs go join di Sports Minister dem government delegation for di meeting which go happen Thursday June 28.

Wia dis foto come from, Sports Ministry/Ghana

According to FIFA, di meeting be important sake of, e go allow make dem ensure di continuation of football after government dissolve Ghana Football Association (GFA) last month over corruption allegations.

FIFA administration say as part of di meeting dem go look into facilitating di participation of di Ghana U-20 women's national team for di FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup France 2018.

Many experts predict say Ghana go chop FIFA ban after dem dissolve GFA but so far only meetings wey happen between FIFA den Ghana.