Burning Cameroon: Pictures wey you no suppose see

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Burning Cameroon: Di videos wey you no suppose see

One man jejely set fire for one house, 12 men wey wia helmet and khaki like di wan wey Cameroon Army dey wear dey look am as im dey burn di fire.

"I want die," one village chief tell pipo wey dey torture am as dem beat am and threaten to kill am. Dem appear to be members of separatist militia.

Dem capture di tin for video as e dey happun and pipo share am well well for Social Media, e dey part of plenty video wey dey comeo ut from Cameroon for di past six months, and Africa Eye don check some of dem.

Some of dem show village wey burn. Others record video of pipo wey dem torture and kill. Many of dem no dey good to show.

Though e dey confusing and hard to confam, dis feems show how di kontri gradually enta civil war as di goment dey try silence militant groups for di English-speaking area for western Cameroon.

Di crisis for Anglophone Cameroon

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  • E start for 2006 wit we no go gree waka by English-speaking lawyers, students and teachers
  • Police no allow protests against marginalisation of di French-speaking majority
  • Dem arrest Activist, and security forces shoot many pipo wey do we no go gree waka.
  • As demand for anoda kontri begin grew, violence dey increase
  • Some begin call for di independence of new state wey dem call "Ambazonia"
  • According to UN, 160,000 pipo don run comot for Cameroon
  • More than 20,000 don run enta Nigeria
  • Journalist no fit go near di conflict zones

Video wey dem record for late April dis year, show say at least 13 soldiers na im set fire for one house for Azi village for Cameroon Anglophone South-West region.

BBC Afrca Eye don confirm di location wia dem burn di house.

Di men look like members of goment security forces. Dia khaki and helmet na di same with wetin Cameroon Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) wey be ogbonge army unit wey train for US and Israel.

Image example Soldiers for di BIR unit wear familiar uniform

Pesin wey dey stay for di area tell BBC say, di army pipo wey destroy houses for Azi belong to di BIR. But goment tok-tok pesin say e no clear who di mean be.

"Dem (di pipo wey want dia own state) fit get military uniform of di Rapid Intervention Battalion or any other defence force. So dem fit go commit dia crime and blame our defence and security forces for am," Cameroon Communication Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari na im tok dis one.

Im tell BBC say, dem dey investigate di matter "to know wetin really happun".

Burn to reach ground

Amateur video on 29 April show another attack, dis time for Munyenga, also for South-West region. E show di centre of di village as e dey on fire.

BBC tok to three pipo wey dey stay for Munyenge and all of dem say na goment forces destroy di village.

One man tok say troops burn plenty house, kill civilians.

Satellite picture before and afta di attack show di extent of di destruction.

For early May, one Facebook video show di nearby village of Kuke Mbomo afta pipo wey dem believe say be soldiers enta di area.

Image example Kuke Mbomo dey 25km (16 miles) north of Mount Cameroon

BBC Africa eye examine di picture one by one and confam say di location correct.

Di video show one man hold bullet dey shout for camera: "Dis na for us, for civilians, to kill us".

Anglophone activist say na close to 70 villages for South-West dem don target for di past year.

Through satellite image, BBC don identify at least four villages wey fire don damage recently.

Although we no fit confam who dey responsible for di villages wey burn, lawyer and activisit Agbor Nkongho balme goment forces.

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