One orgasm per day fit kill stress from your life?

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Just like oda pipo, I dey always wan beta my health. Last year, I come decide say I want beta skin, less stress for my life and all-round shine-shine bodi. But instead make I go gym, or change wetin I dey chop, I reason say make I try anoda method: masturbating.

Wen you cum, your bodi go release di oxytocin hormone enta your blood. Oxytocin wey pipo sabi as 'love' or 'cuddle' hormone, fit reduce stress. No wonda one 2006 book wey yan wit more dan 2,600 women find out say 39% of dem dey masturbate to relax.

I come decide to dey orgasm everiday for one year. I bin just break up wit my long time bobo. I no just know wetin I dey do, my heart dey broken and my skin just yamayama. I bin do running come even stop to dey take sugar. But everitin just dey stress me, dey taya me - until I come get one sweet one-night stand wey totori my bodi sotay my skin begin shine.

I bin don dey struggle wit my skin for almost one year, and doctors tell me say na stress, hormones wey no balance for my bodi, and oda tins wey I no fit control. I go Google search, 'Orgasm fit help pesin skin?', I come find out say even tho say di evidence no really be fact, e fit be true. "E dey really simple - sex dey reduces stress, dey equally reduce stress hormones inside bodi and inflammation" dis na wetin one dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi believe. And wetin less inflammation mean na less pimples.

Oda pipo fit call dis theory rubbish, but me I believe am. If orgasms fit improve my skin and stress, den I go be brand new pesin afta 365 days.

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Di first few weeks na jolly. Even tho I no dey always reach climax wen me and pesin dey nack, I sabi how to do alone. Di only tins wey I need na my fantasy and my fingers.

My skin no change instanta but I bin dey feel beta. Normally, I dey always orgasm for night, afta dat one na sleep get me, instead of to dey ontop bed dey worry as I dey do before. I dey always expect my new 'me time', and I go even add candles, music and new vibrators join.

Even my fantasies enta anoda level. I stop to dey imagine normal sex wit men - instead I go pretend say I be Cleopatra wey all my servants dey service. My friends laugh me and e even ginger some of dem to begin masturbate wella.

But afta some months, boredom begin worry me. Di tin come dey be me like work. Instead make I dey try get correct orgasms wey go last, I go just dey do am sharp-sharp. If I dey nack real human being, I go vex say di pesin no fit make me cum quick as I dey do am by myself.

I come begin dey tell myself say I fit get break. Masturbation still dey sweet me sometimes - I go even wan do am plenti times a day, den I go come get some days wey I no go cum at all. But di whole tin just taya me like wen I bin dey go gym everiday. E come turn out say too much of everitin no good.

Around last summer, I manage to do am for almost five months. Den I come get one holiday romance wey just change evritin for me, come make me see say I dey go off-track with my goals. Dis short relationship make me remember say e good to slow down wen pesin dey nack - no be just put mind for orgasm. Me and am enjoy correct orgasm and I come dey look my bodi one kain way wey I neva do for months.

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Image example Holiday romance naim change evritin

I reach house wit di best skin wey I done get all year wit new decision: instead make I dey force myself to orgasm everiday, I go dey target only as many correct orgasm wey I fit get. Di new goal na quantity over quality.

E work. Na only like once or twice a week I dey fit cum - sometimes sef I no go cum at all - but e come dey sweet me again. I no come dey look am like work but as sometin wey I dey really enjoy. And di result show, my stress level reduce wella.

My skin change, I get peace of mind and di one wey important pass, na say I learn about my bodi. I fit don fail my original mission but I no care. I no dey shame to ask pipo for wetin I want wen I dey nack. I no dey shame to share my fantasies, and I no dey fear to play wit new toys.

My orgasm don turn me to pesin wey get plenti joy and good health - di tin wey I don always want. Dis na gbosa to anoda 365 days.

As Radhika Sanghani take yan am

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