'Deadi bodi' wake up for inside S/African mortuary

Leg for morgue

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin happun for South Africa na wetin eye no dey too see, as dem discover one woman alive inside mortuary fridge.

Dem bin cari di woman go Carletonville morgue for Gauteng province, afta dem bin say she don die for road accident.

Ambulance company Distress Alert say she no show "any sign say she dey alive", South Africa TimesLive tori website dey report.

But wen one mortuary worker return to check di bodi wey dey for fridge, im see di woman dey breathe.

One official don confam to BBC say di woman dey collect treatment now for hospital.

Dem don begin torchlight wetin really happun, but Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick say no evidence dey to show say "im company dey careless".

"Dis tin no happun because our paramedics no get proper training," im tell TimesLive.

Oga Bradnick tell TimesSelect say she be one of several pipo wey dey involved for car accident wia two odas die on Sunday 24 June.

Dis no be di first time dis year pesin dey wake up for mortuary afta dem say e don die.

For January, one inmate for jail for Spain Asturias region wake up hours before dem wan do autopsy to find out how im take die.

Three doctors bin don confam am dead.

Dis no be di first time dis kain tin dey happun for South Africa. Seven years ago, one 50-year-old man wake up begin shout for one mortuary for Eastern Cape.

For 2016, dem bin declare anoda road accident victim, from KwaZulu Natal, say im don die, only to find out say im still dey breathe di next day.

Im die five hours afta di discovery.