Nigeria 2018 budget: Dust bin, grinding machine and 104m for dogs. Tins wey dey Nigeria 2018 budget

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Nigeria Budget for 2018 break many records. Na di budget wey get money inside wey big pass for di kontri history, and na im also tey pass before e become law.

Di budget wey dem call "Budget of Consolidation" suppose "build on top wetin we don do before", according to President Muhammadu Buhari.

So wetin dey inside dis budget? How e go take benefit kontri man? BBC Pidgin take torchlight check am, page by page, line by line.

Asides all di millions wey Nigeria go spend to buy and repair goment furniture, use comot poo-poo from ground, take pay for telephone and newspaper bills plus food wey goment officials go chop, dis na oda tins wey we find.

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Image example Pipo dey hope say economy go ginger as dem don sign budget

5m to use take buy dustbin

Dis one na from Ministry of Interior, wey wan spend N5,661,600 to use buy dustbin for dia office. Dem no tok how many dustbin dem wan buy or di size or weda na di colour go make am cost. So dat pipo fit check wella, weda e worth am.

80m for campaign so pipo no go dey destroy public property

Eighty million naira go enta campaign to stop pipo make dem no dey spoil goment property. Di 80 mill, na for Ministry of Information to spend ontop campaign. Di money no be to build school or road or hospital, na to do campaign, draw ear make pipo no spoil di ones goment don already build. Ehen.

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Image example Adamawa bin ban individual owned viewing centres for di 2014 World Cup

10m for viewing centres for Adamawa State

Dis one appear for di budget of di Ministry of Information and e go cost taxpayers ten million naira. E no dey clear weda na goment go dey operate di viewing centre or dem dey use am do empowerment for yoots.

For di 2014 World Cup, Adamawa State bin ban individual owned viewing centres say dem fit be Boko Haram bombing ground.

20m for grinding machines for Agege

Dis one dey inside di budget of office of di Secretary of di goment of di federation. Dem say dem go use twenty million naira to buy grinding machine for Agege, Lagos State.

Some oda ministries also get dis line item, so grinding machine must be very important tin for Nigerians.

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Image example Di grinding machine for Agege pipo, no be di only time dat item appear for di budget

100m to buy flit and spray pumps for Gombe State

Di ministry of Labour for dia own budget get one hundred million naira wey dem dey plan to use buy insecticides for three local goment areas for Gombe State.

104 million to feed dogs and buy dia equipment

Di money naa 104,564,600 naira and dis wan dey under di Ministry of Interior, wey many security agencies dey under. Though dem no specify which kain dogs dem dey buy or for which security agency. Di tin be say who for know say Nigeria dey spend dat kain money ontop dogs?

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Pilgrim Heritage Camp

Di Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission dey shift over five hundred million naira (N549,000,000) for Pilgrim Heritage Camp. And because dis na Nigeria:

Vaccine for pipo wey dey go Hajj

Di ministry of Health dey put for ground more than one hundred million naira (N174,574,043) for vaccines for Hajj.

No be to budget, na to do am

Di conclusion for dis tori be say, to budget na one tin, and to execute di project na anoda one.

No be today Nigeria don dey plan to spend so, so, so and so money ontop one area or anoda, but wen di budget year end you go find out say dem no do am.

Sabi pipo say di kontri no even spend half of wetin dem bin plan, for di 2017 budget.

So therefore, dis items wey di different ministries dia list, no mean say na automatic say dem go get money to do am.

Dat fit be why di Ministry of Interior wan spend N85m to go monitor project sites and make reports about how di work dey go and how e go succeed.

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