Man don sue company for condom wey burst as e dey use am

Kenya man say make dem pay am damages for condom wey burst Image copyright SPL
Image example Kenya man say make dem pay am damages for condom wey burst

One Kenyan man don sue dia kontri quality control body, tax revenue authority and one condom company for damages on top say e get sexually-transmitted disease (STD) afta e use fake condom.

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Williamson Omworo claim say all of dem fail to protect consumers sake of say dem give assurance say di condom na beta quality but di condom burst wen e use am.

E say im later transfer di disease give im wife, and dis no suppose to happun if to say na good quality product im use.

Oga Omworo also claim say during di ten months wey im use di condom, plenti of di women wey e sleep wit carri belle.

E say im buy di condoms for different dates between January and October 2014 for different parts of di kontri.

For di affidavit, oga Omworo say on di 13 October 2014, e begin notice craw-craw (rashes) for im private part and serious pain anytime e piss.

E tell Star newspaper say: "I begin dey worry, na den I come remember di condom wey burst and e happun nine days ago. I sharply go meet traditional healer and get traditional herbal medicine wey later come reduce my pain."

Im wan make dem pay settlement for di money wey im take treat imsef, for im job wey e loss and im marriage wey scatter as e wife pack leave am.

E say im suffer mental breakdown, begin dey drink-drink ogogoro anyhow and dis na im make am loss both im family and work.

Im lawyers argue say dem no dey sell dat particular condoms for Uganda wey be Kenya neighbour because di company fail to certify regulators for dia.

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