Why Lagos State goment shut down Total Filling station for Akoka

  • Gift Andrew
  • Reporter, BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Total Filling Station Akoka
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di filling station na di only one for Akoka, Lagos

Two months don pass since BBC News Pidgin report say pipo wey dey live for Akoka community for Lagos State south west Nigeria accuse di Total filling station dia say dem dey put dia life for danger.

Pipo for di community tell our reporter say petrol dey leak for di filling station underground tank and e don spoil all di water wey dem dey pump for di area.

Dis na July, Di water pollution don waka from one street enta six oda streets for dia, wey come make Lagos State goment close down di filling station afta di pipo go complain.

Wetin we call dis Video,

"We dey baff wit fuel water"

Different goment bodi don begin chook serious mouth for di mata. Some of dem na National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), Department of Petroleum Resources DPR, Lagos State Environment and Protection Agency (LASEPA), and Ministry of Environment wey be di office wey seal di filling station.

Wetin we call dis foto,

DPR pipo enta plenti houses for dia dey ask pipo how di mata take affect dem

BBC News Pidgin see some pipo from DPR and Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission wey com investigate how many house di tin don affect.

Shomi Okikiola wey be head technical services for Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission say Lagos state goment give dem oda to dey send clean water give di pipo for dia, say dem go start dat one once dem complete dem investigation.

Pipo for dia say dem still dey suffer as dem still neva get water to drink and do oda tins.

E dey affect business for di area. One pure water company for dia don relocate. Food sellers no dey fit sell like before sake of say pipo dey ask dem were dem get water wey dem dey use cook di food wey dem dey sell.

One dry cleaner shop say dem dey loose dia customers sake of how di water dey stain some of dia customer clothes for di shop.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Papa Andrew Oriechegwe say im wife use di water baff, her bodi begin smell patrol

Pipo for di community say dem wan make Total do medical check up for evri bodi wey dey live for di area sake of say dem hia say di pollution fit cause cancer for future.

87 year old Papa Andrew Chegwe wey don live for di area pass 30 years say "I no sabi how many days I get for dis earth, but for me to die sake of water pollution, na shameful tin".

Im say im go go do personal protest, wear placards all ova im bodi, so dat goment go hear im tori since dey no wan hear oda pipo own.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na rubber pipo dey use fetch water now for di area as dem no get good water again

Adeyombo Adewale say "I don live for dis street since 1978, we neva see dis kain tin before. If you pump water you go see patrol inside di water.

"Di tin dey spread fast fast. Evri day, we dey get new tori of house wey di tin don enta".

Wetin we call dis foto,

BBC reporter wey dey smell di water for Akoka

Akintunde Ogunfemi "All di well and pump wey dey for di area still get fuel odour inside".

"We run go see commissioner Ministry of Environment, im come seal di station, come promise to supply us water, dem bring water for tank say make we carri bucket dey fetch di water like say we dey inside IDP camp".

Wetin we call dis foto,

Total still drill borehole for di area upon say di water neva clean

Total Filling Station Akoka bin dey supply water to pipo for di street evri 3days and later dem stop. Dem go build new bore hole for some compounds upon say di water wey dey underground still dey polluted. Di equipments wey Total use drill new bore for dia no even dey good as pipo say dia equipments too dirty.

Allem Maruf wey be di dealer wey dey run di total filling station for Akoka say im don spend plenti money to cool di temper of pipo for dia. Im say im dey supply dem water and don buy tank and oda tins for pipo wey di tin affect.

Ifeamaka Umeike say she don live for di community since she be pikin, say dem dey buy water since di mata start sake of say Total no dey give dem water always.

She say "Some students wey dey come back from school go stop for road carri di bad water splash for dia face but dem no know say di water fit cause trouble for dem for future".

"Di pollution don enta six streets wey make us carri di mata go see goment. We don go LASEPA, Ministry of Environment and National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA)".

Lagos state commissioner for Environment no pick im call wen BBC Pidgin call am to confirm wetin be di next tin afta dem seal di filling station.