Men don tok 3 words dem like to dey hear during sex

Couple wey dey on top bed. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Men like make dia partner dey tell dem say dem sabi bed work well-well

Dirty tok fit be correct way to spice tins for di bedroom and both men plus women dey gbadu am.

But wen e get to do wit sex tok, guys like make dia partner dey ginger dia confidence.

Daily Star UK ask dia male readers "wetin dem want to dey hear most during sex?" and more than 1,000 men na im answer di kwesion.

Di tok wey men like to hear.

  • "I beg no stop" na im men like pass, e get 44% of di vote.
  • "Dis one feel good", na im carri second. 26% of guys say na dia biggest turn on.
  • "you dey too big" na also popular choice wey get 17% of di vote. We all sabi say men dey concern well-well wit di size of dia manhood, so dis no be surprise.
  • "I love you," dey bottom of wetin men like, e get only 13% of di vote.

E be like say men prefer to know how good dem dey for bed, than to hear I love you, I love you.

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What About Women?

According to Reddit tori pipo, one recent discussion show wetin women really want to dey hear during sex.

One women wey comment say she like make her partner dey say "good girl" and plenti pipo agree wit her.

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Anoda confess say: "I like how e tok to me as i dey reach orgasms and tell me I be good girl."

Then one oda woman say: "If e say 'good girl' for di correct time, i don finish be dat."

Anoda one say: "I also like to dey hear good girl. E dey so sexy. E dey ginger me."

But some of di women tink di word 'good girl' dey bad for dia ear and dey make dem feel inferior.

One woman say; "Pesonally, no be for me. E go make me feel fear and no dey comfortable.

Anoda woman agree say: "I pesonally tink di word go embarrass and bring me down. But if e work for you, great."

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