Sabi pipo see say sperm count increase for men wey dey chop nuts

A bowl of walnut

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Sabi pipo say walnut fit make men dey more fertile

To dey chop nuts like walnut, almond and hazelnut evriday according to doctors fit increase di number and quality of sperm wey man dey produce.

Fertility experts dem for Spain chook eye inside di sperm of one hundred and nineteen young men between di age of 18 and 35 wey no get sickness for 14 weeks.

During dis time, dem give half of dem 60g of nuts wey dem mix join dia food evriday.

Afta di study, di ones wey collect nut chop evriday get reach 16% sperm count wey high pass di ones wey no chop nuts, dem also see improvement inside di sperm wey survive, dia shape and swimming ability.

Dis report join odas wey say wetin man dey chop dey affect im sperm and fertility in di long run.

Some report bin don link improvement in sperm quality to food wey get polyunsaturated fats like Omega-3, Vitamin C and E, Selenium, Zinc and Folate, all of dem boku inside nuts.

Albert Salas-Huetos wey lead di pipo wey do di study for University Rovira and Virgili in Reus, Spain say di result of dia study fit epp couple wey dey try to conceive but I no go categorically recommend anytin based on just one study.

"We no go fit tok say based on di result of only dis study but evidence dey pile up say to dey eat healthy fit epp conception and of course nuts na important part of di Mediterranean healthy diet."

Na so Salas-Huetos tok.

Sabi pipo dem dey warn say di way sperm count dey drop and cancer of di testes dey increase fit be serious gbege for di human race.

Dem say tins like pollution, di way pipo dey eat now plus modern lifestyle wey dey expose pipo to chemicals like pesticide dey join cause all dis problem.