Ethiopia-Eritrea: Three magic wey Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed use end 'Africa longest war'

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Image copyright Reuters
Image example Abiy Ahmed don change many tins for Ethiopia since e enta office

Ethiopia and Eritrea don press hand for paper on top agreement to declare say one of di longest fight-fight for Africa wey scata tins for di kontries don end.

For di past two weeks, di two kontries don dey make move to forget twenty years of fight ova land border mata and di town of Badme.

Like 80,000 people na im die for inside di 2 years serious fight between 1998-2000, small-small fight still bin dey happun since den wen Ethiopia refuse to abide by di agreement wey dem sign.

Eritrea minister of information Yemane Meskel post picture of di Ethiopia Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki as dem shake hand ontop di agreement for twitter.

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Image example Di 2 leaders sign di agreement for Eritrea where dem do tok-tok ontop di mata

Three things wey Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed do to stop di fight

Di Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed bin don give sign say e go change tins for di kontri during im inauguration for April dis year, im tok to Eritrea say make dem settle dia quarrel.

E no tey at all wen im start work na im begin work to settle tins.

  1. Di first tin wey happun na say di ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) declare say dem go accept and implement di peace deal wey bin end di war.
  2. Prime Minister Ahmed go do tok tok for Eritrea afta Eritrea send delegation go Adis Ababa wen di two kontries gree to end dia fight, dem don agree to open embassies, develop ports, and also resume flights for each oda kontries.
  3. Ethiopia Prime Minister and Eritrea Prime Minister sign join statement to end dia quarrel.
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Image example Ethiopia tok say dem go withdraw dia troop from Badme as Eritrea bin don dey ask

According to Meskel di agreement go work around 5 key points.

  1. Di state of war wey bin dey between di 2 kontries don end and new season of peace and friendship don start
  2. Di 2 kontries go join bodi to coperate ontop political, economic, social, cultural and security mata
  3. Dem go start to dey do Transport, trade and telecommunication mata togeder wit oda diplomatic mata
  4. Dem go implement di decision ontop border mata
  5. Di 2 kontries go join bodi to make sure say dem work togeder to develop and in peace too

How e happen

24 May 1993: Di official declaration of Eritrea independence from Ethiopia

6 May 1998: Border war start

18 June 2000: Dem sign agreement to stop fight-fight

12 December 2000: Dem sign di Algiers Peace Agreement

13 April 2002: Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission deliver im "binding" ruling

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