Global Innovation Index: Nigeria no follow for kontris wey dey create beta ideas

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Image example Global Innovation Index dey helep world leaders decide on human development.

Nigeria no follow for di list of 20 kontris wey be innovative achievers or kontris wey dey create beta ideas for di 2018, according to report wey Global Innovation Index (GII) just release.

Dis year, six Africa kontris for south of di Sahara dey among di kontris wey be innovative achievers, wey don achieve ogbonge results.

Wetin be Global Innovation Index

Global Innovation Index na economic report wey Cornell University, INSEAD and World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO), plus GII Knowledge Partners join hand do.

Na 126 economies or kontries dem dey check and na 80 different tins dem dey check like, intellectual property, how many mobile apps di kontri create, how much dem dey spend for education, science and technology.

Dis na eleven years wey GII don dey release report to helep world decision makers understand wetin dey move economy and human development.

South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania na di Africa kontris for di list and na South Africa be di first inside di six kontris, followed by Mauritius, den Kenya.

Image copyright GII twitter handle

South Africa na di only Africa kontri for middle income group for number 7 position.

France enta di list of di top 10 kontris for di first time, China break record as e join di list of 20 most innovative economies for world. Switzerland na number one followed by Japan.

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