Cameroon Army: Video weh uniform pipo di shoot woman and pikin dem na fake - Colonel Badjeck

Soldier and woman

Wia dis foto come from, Facebook

Cameroon Army tok-tok pesin Colonel Didier Badjeck say de video weh e flop for social media for woman and pikin dem weh some uniform pipo dem blind fold dia eye den shoot dem na fake.

Plenti pipo di share wan video for social media weh some uniform pipo di drag some two woman dem with pikin dem go tie dia face den shoot dem.

Tori na say na La Republic army di shoot helpless pipo dem weh deh suspect say deh get link with Boko Haram.

But BBC News Pidgin tok for phone with army tok-tok pesin Colonel Didier Badjeck and e say na fake video weh som pipo just concortam for discredit Cameroon army.

"No bi uniform for Cameroon army if you look'am fain, we get dat kana Sahelian uniform but weh e bi clear".

Colonel Badjeck add say deh don get way for check dis kana video weh deh concortam and di try for check all video dem.

E add say even if some soldiers dem fit cut rope vex for some kain tin for battle field laik you see say deh cut-cut your colleague and behave bad e bi normal for all army for dis world.

"But, wen soldier miss road with some bad behaviour Minister for defence di punish dem and if you see we military prison, e flop with soldiers weh deh no di behave fain". Colonel Badjeck tok.

We soldier dem get high level training and e no good say deh di tok about Cameroon army for dis kana shameful way, e add.