'Condom no go solve world over-population mata'

Nigeria pipo
Image example Nigeria na di kontri wit di 7th largest population for di world

Sabi pesin don draw ear give pipo for Nigeria to control di way dem dey born pikin or else di population mata go become "ticking time bomb".

Nigeria na di kontri wey get population pass for di whole of Africa and United Nations dey predict say by 2030, Nigeria population go be di third largest for di world.

Uche Igwe wey be di Communications and Outreach Adviser of open goment partnership believe say na poverty and pipo wey no go school dey cause ova population for Nigeria.

Everi year for 11 July, di world dey celebrate Population Day to mark di day wey world population reach 5 billion for 11 July, 1986.

"Goment need to get strategic plan to boost di infrastructure, because if di population dey educated and dem get opportunities and di right kind of policies e no go be ticking time bomb."

"If goment revamp di education system," di population go become pipo wey go dominate both Africa and di world."

Poor pipo nid discipline

Catholic fada for Sokoto Diocese Phillips Udolisa too gree say poor pipo get hand for di population palava.

"Wen di human mind no dey engaged, get job, wife dey alwasy dey wit di husband, dem go end up dey do wetin dem wan do like having sex, doing drugs, dem go get more pikin."

Na so Fada Udolisa tok.

But ontop di mata of birth control and family planning im get different view.

"Di best solution na total abstinence from sex, di use of condom and all those tins no be di church position and e no show say human being get morals."

"Condom no go solve di problem at di end of di day, e go rather make pesin dey sexually active without facing di consequences of dia action."

"For married couples, make dem plan di number of children practice partial abstinence, dat is avoid sex during di time of di month wey di woman fit get belle." Na so Fada Udolisa tok.

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